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PipewaveMusic Products. Last update 10 December 2012.

The Pipewave™ brand name is being applied to new designs in organ consoles, and to new console functions that augment the base functions of existing, traditional pipe organ and digital organ consoles. New products and console designs are anticipated to be introduced in 2014.

The Pipewave Switch was the focus for Zarex research and development from 2004 through 2011, but this area of concentration was eventually abandoned in 2012. Changes in the marketplace, as well as rapid changes in technology, which rendered the forthcoing designs obsolete, and unprofitable, prior to the time when they could be introduced into the marketplace, are the reasons behind the discontinuance of switch development.

The Pipewave Console

The Pipewave™ Console promises to be to the organ-building trade what a "Concept Car" is to the automobile industry, because many of its features will mark a radical departure from organ-building tradition. The Pipewave™ Console acknowledges centuries of tradition from which the pipe organ has evolved, yet its many forward-looking features may open the door for an unprecedented new level of musical expression for the organist.

Updates will be emailed to those expressing interest in the forthcoming line of Pipewave™ products. Beta testing is expected to begin in early 2013. Please email Frederick Hohman, care of to express your interest.

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