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Midnight Pipes.

Visit the Midnight Pipes Channel at YouTube™:

Midnight Pipes LogoMidnight Pipes was a brainchild of concert organist Frederick Hohman, the founder and primary producer for the Pro Organo CD label. The series was a video-style adaptation of the weekly 30-minute radio broadcast for which Dr. Hohman once served as host, producer, performer and engineer, produced from 1977 to 1979, entitled Pro Organo.

Listen to the Midnight Pipes Theme Music,
arranged by series host Frederick Hohman.

The Midnight Pipes television series was in production from 1995 to 2001. The result of production yielded two seasons, each with 13 half-hour episodes. Although Frederick Hohman was the host and primary artist on the series, 16 of the 26 episodes featured performances of guest organists. These guest organists were usually resident organists at the locations visited in the episodes. The series was marketed through Zarex Corporation to affiliates with Public Broadcasting in the United States. The series aired over individual and state-network PBS affiliates in, among other regions, Los Angeles, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, and Maine, as well as on select public-access cable tv affiliates in New York and Pennsylvania.

The content of each Midnight Pipes episode focused upon footage of actual performances of complete works of organ repertoire, with artist, composer and organ-builder interviews taking a less prominent role. The series pioneered a video genre known today as "organ performance video," in that it successfully coordinated and alternated as many as 8 different camera angles, in order to add maximum visual interest to the performance for the television viewer.

The locations visited in Midnight Pipes episodes ranged from large churches, cathedrals and concert halls, to out-of-the-way, small churches and even to pipe organs in private residences. The first episode in the series was shot in Cozumel and Yucatan peninsula areas of Mexico. Although two episodes were produced on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, only one of these episodes, from Montego Bay, appeared as a part of the series. Other than the Jamaica and Mexico episodes, all episodes in the released series featured pipe organs located in the continental United States. Producer's notes indicate that there were 8 episodes produced for the Midnight Pipes series which were never finished or broadcast. This footage remains archived at present in the Zarex HD studio tape library, but beginning in 2012, much of this unseen "lost" footage is being posted at YouTube™ alongside segments from episodes of the series which aired.

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A home video version of the Midnight Pipes series was marketed by Zarex Corporation in the VHS Hi-Fi Stereo video cassette format from 1998 to 2000. The series has yet to be released on DVD or other disc format. Several excerpts from the broadcast series, as well as some excerpts from the "unfinished" episodes in the series, have been posted as archival material on the YouTube™ video-sharing website, on the 'midnightpipes' channel:

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