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Pro Organo.

The Pro Organo label of recordings is wholly-owned and administered by Zarex Corporation. The retail website for the label is:

Pro Organo was the title of a series of weekly half-hour radio broadcasts, produced, hosted and performed by organist Frederick Hohman from 1977 to 1979, and which aired through 20 affiliates with National Public Radio in the United States from Boston to El Paso, Texas. When Hohman decided to launch a CD recording label in 1984, the dormant radio series title was adopted as the CD label's name. After a series of 8 releases in the chrome-bias, Dolby B analog audio cassette format during 1984-1985, the label shifted to the then newly-developed Compact Disc as its release format.

To date, there are about 260 Pro Organo titles that have been produced, and about 190 of these are still active. Complete details on all Pro Organo recordings, including archived details on some inactive or out-of-print titles, are found at the retail website for the label: Pro Organo label has devoted about 75% of its titles to organ music, with the remaining titles being devoted to sacred classical choral music. The label has been associated with highly visible organists and choirs active in America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Pro Organo recordings have achieved critical acclaim in both audiophile and organ trade journals for both music content and audio engineering. The label's success is attributed in large part to the expertise of its primary producer / engineer, Frederick Hohman, who has applied his musical judgment when choosing artists and repertoire, and who has applied self-designed audio equipment and specialized recording techniques to Pro Organo productions.

Since 2004, Pro Organo has been the label responsible for providing the debut CD recordings of the First Prize Winners in the American Guild of Organists' National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance (NYACOP). In 2005, Pro Organo issued its first SACD products (Super Audio Compact Disc). In 2008, Pro Organo issued its first DVD video products. Products issued in the dual-disc (CD plus DVD) and triple-disc (2 CDs plus 1 DVD) formats, as well as in the Blu-ray video format have been successful for the label as classical music recordings become more video intensive.

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