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PipewaveMusic Products. Last update 10 January 2018.

The Pipewave™ brand name was applied to new switching technologies for traditional organ consoles. Zarex conducted research in this area from 2004 to 2012; however, no products ever came to market under the Pipewave brand.

The Pipewave Organ Console

The Pipewave™ Organ Console concept originated in 2012, and the initial designs evolved through December, 2016, when the digital platform resembling a traditional organ console, and which was developed under the Pipewave name, became announced in December, 2016 under the brand name "ORGAMUSE."

ORGAMUSE (patents pending) is to the organ-building trade what a "Concept Car" is to the automobile industry, because the ORGAMUSE platform blends traditional, pipe organ console functions with innovative functions, packaging in a streamlined, forward-looking design. Information about ORGAMUSE, including photogrpahs of the initial prototype, may be viewed on the website, at:

Pipewave and ORGAMUSE are trade names of Zarex Corporation.
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