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Zarex HD

Audio, video and web media production services to classical music and sacred classical music fields.

• Comprehensive, turn-key production, post-production and release packages.

Updated January 2018 - Zarex Corporation provides audio and video recording services on location for classical musicians, and ensembles, operating in American venues from coast to coast. Zarex covers the gamut of classical music projects, ranging from soloists to full symphony orchestra with soloists and choirs.

• 10 HD video cameras and 24 channels of audio.

Zarex can cover full HD video projects with up to 6 fully-equipped HD cameras plus 4 stationary view cameras. All cameras can capture recorded media simultaneously in full HD for maximum flexibility in post-production. Camera support includes Vinten fluid heads and a Stanton camera jib arm/ crane with remote motorized pan / tilt head and remote focus, zoom and iris controls. Zarex can support up to 24 channels of simultaneous 96k/ 24-bit PCM audio, with video post-production and audio mixdown and mastering occurring in the same post-production workflow.

Zarex can also supply 16 channels of loction audio recording in the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format, which can be linked to video post-production in house. Zarex maintains DVCPRO HD tape-based media capability for restoring or post-production of vintage digital video acquired in the DVCPRO HD and SD formats. Zarex studio offers graphics and titling, with output of DVD and Blu-ray video masters supporting 5.1 surround and stereo audio. Zarex can also perform SD to HD video upconversion and video cross-conversions as may be needed for distribution on internet video sharing websites.

Among Zarex's satisfied clients are prominent conductors in sacred choral music, as well as scores of leading concert organists spanning four generations, concert pianists and organ-building firms. These include the Choir of Saint Thomas Church, New York City, the Choir of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, the Choir of St. Paul's K Street, Washington, D.C., Choir of the Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, The Washington Bach Consort, The University of Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra and Glee Club, The University of Notre Dame Liturgical Choir, The Memphis Boychoir, and include organists Gerre Hancock, Bruce Neswick, Eric Plutz, Charles Callahan, Thomas Heywood, Simon Nieminski, John Scott, and Dorothy Papadakos, and pianists Jeffrey Jacob (New Ariel Recordings) and John Owings. Zarex has performed SACD authoring and 5.1 surround-sound "up-mixes" for Albany Records (Albany, New York).

Zarex also offers specialized services, including: [1] restoration of vintage, open-reel analog audio master recordings in 1/4" tape formats, with magnetic media dating back to 1955, [2] high-quality video upconversion and restoration, enhancement of standard definition video with Teranex upconversion hardware, [3] digital synthesis of 5.1 surround sound audio masters derived from an original stereo audio program, and [4] music engraving / score preparation services.

If you are active in the area of classical music or sacred classical music, your inquiry is invited. Contact Frederick Hohman with your project details through the CONTACT US page at the website.

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